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It's my first post graduation summer and time is going fast as it always does, faster ever year but bizarrely now It Doesn't Mean Anything.  September doesn't mean it's time to buy a notebook and some awesome new pens (still might, I always need more pens, especially in Technicolor) doesn't mean oh shit gotta figure out my schedule and write it done so I'm not wandering around going where does the math go? I can't find the math because it's in the Education building because my university is backwards.   I'm happy my friends will be back in the city but there's a lack of sense of impending doom which is quite frankly bizarre.
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On 21st July 2011 01:48 (UTC), cionaudha commented:
Man, it took me years to stop reacting to the Pavlovian call of back-to-school sales. I just didn't know what to do with myself: I'd get all cranked up, and then... nothing. Rar.

And now, twenty-five years later, I'm back in school. Derp.
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On 21st July 2011 03:02 (UTC), fred_god_of replied:
See you were just saving that response for later, you knew you'd need them again ;)
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