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Writer's Block: No Foolin'

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What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?

First Porn in No gravity!
My exploration of space teacher always has a power point unning during the begining of class with interesting facts and this week in space, stuff like that. Today tucked in among the real stuff were fake slides. Warren Buffet is going to make first no-grav porn "to boldly come," Kennady banned Cuban Cigars in space, and the Russians tried to blow up Apollo 11's landing site but they missed and the rocket came back and exploded over Sibera.
Then we talked about the pyshics of Sex in space, I think the answer would have to be some sort of stretching sleeping bag thingy, though magnets and some sort of harness were also suggested
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On 2nd April 2009 00:03 (UTC), brocolirose commented:
waah xD sex in space is the future fashionable luxury sport of uber rich people ! xD
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